Original Duckhead Designs An Exclusive Umbrella With Bon Appétit Magazine

We're excited to share an exclusive umbrella designed with Bon Appétit magazine.


Bon Appétit is a Condé Nast owned New York based monthly food magazine. They want everyone to love cooking and eating as much as they do, with recipes you want to make, and cooking advice that works.


Created by Original Duckhead, Bon Appétit have released a mouthwatering umbrella for their merch.



wired magazine bag



For when it sprinkles, drizzles, or pours, an umbrella that stands out in a crowd. Even better, each one is made from nine recycled plastic bottles!


This unique collaboration combines Original Duckhead's commitment to sustainability with Bon Appétit's flair for vibrant, culinary-inspired designs. The Sprinkles Umbrella features a colorful, sprinkle-patterned canopy, making it a fun yet environmentally conscious choice for staying dry. This project not only highlights the importance of recycling but also adds a touch of whimsical charm to everyday rain gear.