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Olive Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Nina Banales (Downey, US)
So many compliments!

I never thought I would get so many compliments on an umbrella! It is now my go to, favorite and now only umbrella. It is super quick drying and is the perfect size to fit in my purse or backpack. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Corgi Mint Eco-friendly Umbrella
Liesbeth Thijs (Evergem, BE)
Super cute umbrella

Very beautiful and handy umbrella.
I am totally in love with her!
The duckhead at the end of the umbrella makes it super comfortable to hold.

Yellow Duck Compact Umbrella
G.C. (Huntersville, US)
Yellow duck umbrella

I bought mine at a gift shop in a London art gallery. I absolutely love the design. The quality is even more impressive!

So cute

high quality and adorable design. I love it

A long wait

It took longer than I thought to arrive in Korea, so I was worried if it was lost in the middle. The umbrella is very pretty and I like it as I thought. I just want to pay more attention to the plastic finish on the inside fold.

French Bulldog Yellow Eco-friendly Umbrella
Antonio Martinez (Mexico City, MX)
My collection is growing

These are so cute and amazing. They're eye-catching, I always get compliments, well made and excellent quality as usual

Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Kerstin Hüll (Stockholm, SE)

Fine bit expensive umbrella

Matisse Reusable Bag
Avril Bailey (Plymouth, GB)
Matisse reusable bag

A lovely sized bag with wide handles and cheered me up on rainy days with it’s brilliant colours

Terraz-Wow Eco-Friendly Compact Umbrella
Judith Beardsworth (Norwich, GB)
Fun umbrella

Great umbrella that is fun and effective.

Dots Compact Duck Umbrella
Tatiana Shakirova (Espoo, FI)

I'm very happy with purchase, it's a wonderful umbrella

Peach Compact Duck Umbrella
Dennis (Nesoddtangen, NO)
Great for rain!

It's really great and looks good while being just that. It's a bit flimsy when it comes to wind and sometimes inverts, disregarding this it's a great umbrella.

Disappointing quality over time

I bought this umbrella in 2022. It broke a year after and I got a replacement. And just recently, less than a year after getting the first one replaced, the new one broke again. I have been using it normally and I didn't take it out during very windy weather (I live in France).
The reason why it keeps breaking is because the metal used is not sturdy and there is a gap between the edge of the duck's head and the main axis. The main axis is just not supported by the handle.

I loved this brand and I really wanted to love this umbrella, but I have to admit now that it is not as durable as I thought it was.

Lovely umbrella, sturdy and automatic works well.

Really fabulous brolly, great quality, a lovely print, with a cute duck head.

Cute but fragile

I absolutely love the design and the whole concept behind it (i.e., made of recyclable materials)! Unfortunately, though, it feels quite fragile. I think the aluminium and steel for the frame need to be bolder and stronger. Lastly, I also think the umbrellas should be bigger- providing more coverage and being suitable for all human body sizes. Thank you:)

Dachshund Dog Lilac Eco-friendly Umbrella
Khamilla Vali (Örebro, SE)

Dachshund Dog Lilac Eco-friendly Umbrella

Denim Moon Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Janice (Berkeley, US)
Love the denim moon umbrella!

My daughter owns this adorable umbrella, and I sent one to my sister, who loved it.

Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Ozlem Karadag (Istanbul, TR)
objet du désir

These umbrellas had been an objet du désir for me for a while and I ordered this beautiful Zodiac Duckhead when in London this August. Very few umbrellas (or maybe none) can survive the Istanbul wind and rain without a scratch, my Original Duck Umbrella proved its worth in every sense of the word (knocking on wood!), it's durable, resistant, flexible in the best possible way. The pattern is pretty, print is high quality and lively in colour. Dries very quickly, even after a heavy rain... I am also very happy that I own an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically handmade umbrella. I dream of ordering other prints, as well, as I am obsessed with the different beak colours of the ducks and the new print patterns...

Lila’s dream

I bought the umbrella and matching bag for my daughter. It was expensive and she couldn’t afford it. It brought a big smile to her face, she loves it 😍

Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Anna Iskra (Ipswich, GB)

Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella

Matisse Print Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Helen Foulds (Dorking, GB)
Lovely brolly

Pure joy in umbrella form! I love it

Matisse Print Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Xandra Killingbeck (Slough, GB)
Lovely brolly

Perfect size, beautiful design. The duck head handle is fabulous and very strong and the brolly is easy to put up and down.

Lilac Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Justine MEREL (Maisons-Alfort, FR)
Very nice but not strong

I like the style of the duck. The Lila color is so nice !
But when it's windy, the umbrella turned over. I'm disappointed by the value for money.

Navy Compact Duck Umbrella
Clare (Derby, GB)
Amazing brolly

Works really well and has a cute face. What’s not to love?

Cherry Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Amanda Barnett (Brent, GB)
Gorgeous, adorable well made brolly

Used this today and absolutely loved it! Very well made and I get a lot of compliments on it. The handle is also really comfortable.

Denim Moon Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Butler2805 (Wigan, GB)
Denim moon

Lovely umbrella, excellent quality.
Love the design and colour. Fits perfectly in my bag