Original Duckhead Launches Umbrella Upcycling Program With R-Coat

We’re celebrating Earth Month by announcing our partnership with R-Coat. R-Coat upcycle umbrellas into functional fashion accessories.


Did you know that over 1 billion umbrellas end up in landfill every single year? We’re continuing our mission to change the throwaway culture in the umbrella industry.


Original Duckhead umbrellas are built to last, however in the rarity your umbrella breaks, from today you can ship it back to us to be upcycled into cool new products. R-Coat's philosophy is that in nature, nothing is wasted and every end represents a new beginning. They mimic nature's cycles by upcycling discarded umbrellas and having circularity at the core of their design process.


Be believe to be fully sustainable a brand must consider the entire product lifecycle. In the rarity that your umbrella breaks, please send it back to us and we’ll recycle it for you. 


Upcycle your pre-loved umbrella here.