An Umbrella Designed From Plastic Bottles

What Does It Mean To Use Recycled Plastic Bottles?

Original Duckhead umbrella canopies are made from recycled fabric called rPET, a versatile and strong material. rPET is created from recycled post-consumer waste, using 9 plastic bottles per umbrella. Our fabric is certified SCS recycled content. 
 rPET requires less energy and contributes less C02 to the atmosphere than polyester and nylon fabric production. By diverting plastic bottles from waste streams and giving them a new life as a reusable umbrella, we minimise our environmental impact.
 So whilst using rPET supports the clean up of our oceans and landfill, it also reduces demand for new materials.

Will A Sustainable Umbrella Protect You From The Elements?

Original Duckhead sustainable umbrellas are handmade using age old techniques adapted to modern-day usage and built to last season after season. 
Besides protecting you from the elements, it will make you smile, stand out from the crowd and add a pop of color wherever you go.

What Certifications Should A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Umbrella Brand Have?

At Original Duckhead, our partner factories are SEDEX audited and SA8000 certified for labour, health, safety and environmental standards and business ethics. We are a Living Wage accredited company.
As we continue to grow, sustainability and helping our customers enjoy their daily lives remains at the forefront of everything we do.

Our top eco-friendly materials that will support you from the elements:

 Recycled PET fabric, sustainable birch wood handle, windproof steel & aluminium frame.