Upcycling with R-Coat

We have partnered with R-Coat which upcycle umbrellas into functional fashion accessories. We believe that it is not responsible for brands to create new products unless they can fully take care of the entire lifecycle.

R-Coat's philosophy is that in nature, nothing is wasted and every end represents a new beginning. They mimic nature's cycles by upcycling discarded umbrellas and having circularity at the core of their design process.

We appreciate your continued support in removing post-consumer plastics from our landfills and seas. 

If your umbrella is broken, get in touch with the team by filling out the form below and requesting your free return label. This service is currently available only in the UK.

Congratulations on buying a sustainable and fully recyclable umbrella. Please watch the video below on how to recycle your umbrella with R-Coat.