The Best Reusable Bag For Everyday Use

Why should I buy a reusable bag?

It is crazy for us to imagine that not long ago we would all do our weekly groceries shop and use new plastic bags every single time. 

These plastic bags were often then put into our cupboards each week to be "reused" as bin bags, or for something else and thrown away. Across the world we’d use up to five trillion of them – per year. There was little thought about the life (or afterlife) of these plastic bags. Used on average for around 12 minutes, they then take more than 500 years to decompose.

Although plastic bags never fully decompose, this type of plastic turns into microplastics which infiltrate our seas and oceans and are absorbed by fish.

In 2015 the UK government made huge progress by implementing a 5p charge for plastic bags in supermarkets. It was a massive success, and deterred shoppers from using plastic bags and to bring their own reusable bags instead. 

It’s such a small and simple change that creates a huge impact on our planet. Since the scheme began in 2015, shoppers swapping a plastic bag for a reusable bag has removed an estimated 15 billion plastic bags from circulation and major supermarkets saw an 86% decrease in plastic bag use.

We decided to create The Extra reusable bag, which is sustainably handmade from the surplus materials from our umbrella canopies. 

Our brand new reusable bag is high-strength, ultra lightweight and spaciously fits anything your heart desires. It knows you’re going places, and is designed to come with. To the farmers market, the beach, the gym, a romantic picnic — we’re there.

What is a reusable bag?

The Extra reusable bag is designed to be used instead of a paper or plastic bag when you’re shopping. It is lightweight, high-strength and spaciously fits anything you need. It can carry 20kg, the equivalent of 2-3 shopping bags worth of groceries without ripping.

As there’s nothing worse than releasing you’ve forgotten your favourite reusable shopper bag on the way to the supermarket, we’ve designed ours in the most colourful prints to ensure they’ll never be forgotten. Our reusable bag comes with a small attached pouch, ensuring that it can be easily folded away and stored in your handbag for unexpected shopping trips.

What are the key reusable bag features?

  • Created using 6 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles
  • High capacity holds the equivalent of 2-3 plastic shopping bags
  • Wide shoulder strap distributes weight comfortably
  • Folds into small attached pouch, to fit into a pocket or handbag (5" × 5")
  • Water resistant and lightweight
  • Holds up to 20kg
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees