Five Reasons To Showcase At Trade Shows As A Small Business

Each year we showcase our latest collections to our retail partners at some of the biggest global trade shows. This year the team have already travelled to Paris to Maison & Objet and New York for Shoppe Object. 


As a start-up or small business, there are many benefits to showcasing, here are our team’s top 5 reasons as to why it’s worth the investment:


1. Increased visibility: Trade shows attract a large number of potential customers, vendors, and industry experts. By exhibiting at a trade show, we can gain exposure and increase their visibility among their target audience. This can help us to reach new customers and generate more leads.


2. Networking opportunities: Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for our team to network with other industry professionals and deepen our relationships with our retail partners. By interacting with potential customers, vendors, and industry experts, we can establish new partnerships, gain insights into industry trends, and make valuable connections.


3. Brand awareness: Trade shows offer us the chance to showcase the Original Duckhead brand, products, and services to a captive audience as well as potential press opportunities. By creating a visually appealing display and offering engaging demonstrations, we can attract attention and build brand awareness among attendees.


4. Competitive advantage: Trade shows provide a level playing field for small businesses to compete with larger companies. By showcasing their unique products and services, small businesses can demonstrate their competitive advantage and differentiate themselves from their competitors.


5. Market research: Trade shows provide us with an opportunity to conduct market research and gather valuable feedback from attendees. By asking questions, collecting feedback, and observing attendee behaviour, we can gain valuable insights into our target market and improve our products or services accordingly.


Lastly, in the vastly digital age we live in, there is such power in showing up and interacting with our consumers in person. As we’re a fully digital led brand, trade shows are an incredible opportunity to exhibit our entire collection and branding in one place.