Mayoristas Paraguas Original Duckhead | Original Duckhead

Wholesale Partners Testimonials

Love these little guys!

I'm a longtime lover of Duckhead, so it was a delight to get to add them to our storefrront. Customers are instantly drawn to these, and we go through them regularly, which just gives us the opportunity to bring in more fun colors. Love them!

Clara • Richmond, VA, United States

Astonishingly popular!

Seattle is an umbrella-averse city, yet customers are LOVING these umbrellas. They brighten up grey days and hold up against our coastal winds. Can't wait for the new designs!

Maren • Seattle, WA, United States

Customer Favorite

Love having the duck umbrellas on our shelves! Our customers love them and they're always a bright spot, rain or shine!

Rachelle • Evansville, IN, United States

High quality umbrellas

These are the hottest item right now. I went trend shopping in NYC and almost every store had them. We have reorder three times now for our gifting platform - they always blow out! Great quality, colors, and have a social impact. Win-win!

Molly • Carrollton, TX, United States

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