What Makes The Best Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Umbrella?

Our Mission

At Original Duckhead, our mission is to encourage everyone to embrace the great outdoors, without sacrificing style or sustainability. Original Duckhead umbrellas are created from recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced materials. 

Everyday Adventures

An umbrella is a vital everyday necessity, especially for those living in climates with heavy rain, or even for those unexpected showers! All of our umbrellas are light and compact, designed to join your everyday adventures, whilst protecting you from the elements. 


We are driven to build the happiest eco-friendly umbrellas that bring style and quality to rainy days and create uplifting, eco-friendly, long lasting designs with integrity.

Women Owned

Sustainability has been our core mission since Original Duckhead was conceptualised in 2012. We are a woman-owned company based in London, United Kingdom. 
We want to shake up the market as most umbrellas are currently poor quality, mass-produced and quickly thrown away - most likely ending up in our landfills and contributing to the climate crisis. 
We believe that by investing in a good quality, sustainable umbrella, this will disrupt the cycle of millions of discarded waste every year around the world, which cannot be recycled and contributing to our global waste crisis from harming our planet.
We are conscious that producing anything new has an impact on the environment and are continuously working to eliminate waste at every stage of production.