What Top Five Materials Are In The Best Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Umbrella?

Original Duckhead umbrellas are designed with longevity in mind, as to design sustainably means to design umbrellas to last. We want every umbrella to live a long productive life, so we always prioritise the highest quality materials and construction.

Are Original Duckhead Umbrellas made from plastic bottles?

Our umbrella canopy fabric is certified SCS recycled content. Our canopies are made from recycled fabric called rPET, a versatile and strong material. rPET is created from recycled post-consumer waste, using 9 plastic bottles per umbrella. 

Are Original Duckhead Umbrellas wind resistant? 

Our wind resistant frames are constructed using high-strength aluminium and steel.

Are Original Duckhead Umbrellas lightweight?

Our handles are handmade using sustainable solid birch wood. All umbrellas are lightweight, compact and feature an automatic push button - making it easy to open and practical to carry on-the-go! 

Are Original Duckhead Umbrellas environmentally friendly?

Our umbrellas are waterproofed with an eco-friendly non-toxic AC coating.

Does Original Duckhead use sustainable packaging?

We use 100% certified biodegradable poly-bags, which means you can relax that all of our packaging is fully biodegradable in landfill. All packaging we use to ship at every stage of production is also fully recyclable.