Five Reasons Why We’re An Accredited Living Wage Employer

With the cost of living at an all time high, at Original Duckhead it is vital that we support our team by becoming officially accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. An organisation who celebrates leadership around the United Kingdom.


They believe that a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay, and quite simply that earning the real living wage means being able to earn a wage you can live on. 


Due to the staggering rise in inflation, The real Living Wage remains the only wage rate calculated based on what it costs to live in the UK and London. 


If you're considering becoming Living Wage accredited, here are our top five reasons to do so:

1. Attracting and retaining talent: Living wage accreditation demonstrates that a company values its employees and pays them a fair wage. This can attract and retain talented individuals who are looking for employers who prioritise their well-being and financial stability.


2. Taking a holistic approach to ethical practices: Consumers are becoming more conscious of where they spend their money and are more likely to support companies that prioritise ethical practices. The way a company support their team is a reflection of their core brand values. 


3. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity: When employees are paid a fair wage, they are more likely to feel valued and motivated. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, employee loyalty, and productivity.


4. Reduced turnover and recruitment costs: When employees are satisfied with their wages and working conditions, turnover rates tend to decrease. This can result in significant cost savings for a company, as recruitment and training can be expensive.


5. Positive impact on the community: By paying employees a living wage, companies can contribute to reducing poverty and inequality in their communities. This can have a positive impact on the local economy, as employees have more disposable income to spend on goods and services.


With all of the above considered, we're proud to announce we have began the process to become a registered B Corporation.