The four pillars of a socially and environmentally responsible company are: people, planet, progress and product. How we care for the people who create our products is of the utmost importance.

Our Partners

During our inception, Original Duckhead’s Founder Morgan Cros personally visited and audited countless industry experts to find the right partner for her vision. In order to create our iconic umbrella designs, we have a long-standing partnership with a family owned manufacturer in China who ensures full transparency.

Any Original Duckhead partner is SEDEX audited and SA8000 certified for labour, health, safety and environmental standards and business ethics. We only work with manufacturers who share our high social, ethical and environmental standards.

Our People

In London, Morgan has hired a small but quickly growing team of 5 employees. Original Duckhead is accredited with The Living Wage Foundation. An organisation who celebrates ethical leadership around the United Kingdom. They believe that a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay, and quite simply that earning the real living wage means being able to earn a wage you can live on. 

Due to the staggering rise in inflation, The real Living Wage remains the only wage rate calculated based on what it costs to live in the UK and London. 

At Original Duckhead we appreciate the vitality of taking a holistic approach to our ethical practices. The way a company supports their team is a reflection of their core brand values. 

We believe that in order to be a planet positive company we need to create a positive impact on our community. By paying employees a living wage, we can contribute to reducing poverty and inequality in our communities and create a positive impact on the local economy.

We believe it’s not about what we do on our own, but how we work together. We know that climate change is the biggest issue facing all people and the planet, and it’ll take all of us to solve it. 

We’re in this together, so if you have any questions, feedback, or other ideas for us, reach out at

Original Duckhead is an equal opportunities employer.