Our Story

Parisian native Morgan Cros founded Original Duckhead in London, driven by an enduring commitment to infuse style and quality into the everyday adventure of navigating rainy days. Struck by the ubiquity of showers in the UK, Morgan embarked on this journey in 2012 with a fervent passion to revolutionise the umbrella industry.

Through diligent market analysis, Morgan uncovered a staggering statistic: over 1 billion umbrellas are discarded globally each year. This revelation inspired a mission to establish a distinguished rainwear brand dedicated to redefining its category. By advocating for mindful consumption and upholding sustainable principles, Original Duckhead seeks to transform an industry in dire need of innovation.

We pride ourselves on crafting buoyant, eco-friendly, and enduring designs imbued with integrity. Our extensive research led to a groundbreaking innovation: each umbrella canopy is fashioned from nine post-consumer plastic bottles, extricated from landfills and oceans.

Our creations are unapologetically vivid, bold, and intentionally unforgettable, ensuring that you’ll never misplace an umbrella again.

"Our mission is more than just designing beautiful functional umbrellas. We want to encourage thoughtful consumerism, champion sustainable values and change an industry that needs shaking up." 

Morgan Cros, Founder and CEO of Original Duckhead.

We don’t just talk

  • Biodegradable Packaging

  • Ocean Health

  • Circularity

  • Woman Owned & Run

  • Climate Action

  • Energy Efficient

  • Ethically Made

  • Recycled & Recyclable